Over our many years in business, we have compiled a list of resources that we frequently refer to and would like to offer to our clients for reference.  Some of the links below are documents provided directly by A+ Services; others are links to external sources.  We welcome any feedback from you regarding the value of these resources and your experience with them if you use them.


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Business/Individual Taxes


General Info

Appointment Checklist

Federal "Where's My Refund"

Michigan "Where's My Refund"

Taxpayer Identification Number Information


Deductions/Keeping Track of Expenses

Small Business or Independent Contractor Information

Sample Small Business or Independent Contractor Deductions

Truck Driver Deductions

Résumés/Cover Letters

General Info

Résumé Questionnaire

10 Tips for Exceptional Résumé and 10 Tips for Exceptional Cover Letter

Power Words


Job Search Sites


Documents and Forms


Immigration Forms

Green Card through Marriage Questionnaire

N-400 Questionnaire

N-600 Questionnaire

Green Card Lottery Questions

Sample Bona Fides of Marriage

Sample Affidavit of Personal Knowledge of Marriage

Official Immigration Forms

Immigration Case Status Service Online

Green Card Interview Questions


Business Forms

Employer Identification Number Information

Michigan Business Formation Documents

Michigan Business Tax Registration


Employment Forms

Google Search for Independent Contractor Agreement

Google Search for Non-Compete Agreement


Family Relations Forms

Divorce General Info and Questionnaire

Michigan Divorce Laws


Estate Planning Forms

Sample Estate Planning Forms

Russian Power of Attorney Samples


Real Estate Forms

Sample Quit Claim Deed

Michigan Property Transfer Affidavit


Language Translations

Russian to Ukrainian Translator

Free Sample Translations


Notary Public Services


Jurat vs. Acknowledgement

Sample Jurat

Sample Acknowledgment