About Us

Julie Baraniuk is the President and Founder of A+ Services Inc.  Over the years she has worked in different small and large private companies, in various industries as you can see on her résumé.

Julie started A+ Services Inc in 2004 while working full time at another job in a medium-size company.  After a few years, she found another job in a much smaller company with only two employees.  She used this opportunity to learn how to be a small business owner and entrepreneur, and to run her own business.  She thought, “It’s time for me to be my own boss and do something I love the most – helping people“.

Julie’s love and passion is to work with individuals and small business owners to help them understand and better control their bottom line and make correct and informed decisions.


A+ Services Inc is supported by one full-time and three part-time assistants.  Outside contractors are used during the busy seasons and at other times when necessary.  All members of our team are excellent at what they do.  We all work remotely so the best way to catch us is by email or by using our contact form.