Résumé Writing Services

Why do YOU need a professional résumé?  Your résumé is a tool with one specific purpose – to win an interview.  A résumé is an advertisement that presents you in the best light.  A strong résumé could be your only chance to get an interview.  Research shows that only one interview is granted for every 200 résumés received by an average employer.  Research also tells us that your résumé will be quickly scanned, rather than read, so the decision to interview a candidate is usually based on the overall first impression of the résumé.

A cover letter should accompany each résumé you send to an employer.  The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself to a potential employer and to persuade the recipient to grant you an interview for a position.  A cover letter should not replicate your résumé; rather, it should complement the résumé.  Even now, in the electronic age, a cover letter makes an excellent body for an email.  Just because nobody asks for hard copies any more is not a reason not to have a well-worded cover letter ready for emailing.

A+ Services Inc is proficient in creating professional high-level résumés in numerous fields, with expert knowledge of industry trends and what employers look for in candidates.  We can help you market your strengths, potential and accomplishments in the most compelling way possible.  We will talk to you about your background, goals and objectives in order to create a truly personalized résumé that is guaranteed to get noticed.

If you are not sure if your résumé and/or cover letter need improvement, please email them to us.  We will review them for FREE and give you suggestions on how your résumé can be improved.  Based on that, we can either prepare a new résumé from scratch or re-design your original résumé and cover letter.  A+ Services Inc have helped many clients boost their confidence, enhance their earning potential, improve their résumé response rate, and get jobs.

Résumé and cover letter fees depend on the amount of information, type of field and whether you have a previous résumé or cover letter or need a brand new one.  We can give you a better estimate after speaking with you.  We do ask you to fill out our Résumé Questionnaire and to submit it to us through our contact form, so it can be reviewed prior to us discussing your needs with you.  We will return your email within 48 business hours.