Tax Planning & Preparation

Neither businesses nor individuals should ever underestimate the importance of strategic tax planning.  Getting professional assistance from A+ Services Inc can ensure that your tax liability is minimized, you are always operating within the newest laws and regulations, and your returns are prepared accurately and filed on time.

Please call us at 248-342-0733 to set up a no-cost initial phone consultation so we can get to know you and your financial situation, and advise you on the most appropriate tax planning strategies for your specific needs.

We offer a comprehensive array of tax planning and preparation services.  Our menu includes:

  • Year-round tax planning to reduce your tax liability
  • Individual and corporate tax preparation
  • E-filing of all types of tax returns
  • Help with IRS tax problems and assessments
  • Payroll (FICA/FUTA/SUTA) taxes
  • SALT (state and local taxes)
  • IFTA taxes for trucking companies
  • Business entity selection for new businesses
  • Taxpayer Identification Number applications (W-7) and much more.

Find out how A+ Services Inc can help you save money on your tax liabilities by reaching out to us.